Why do we need the vehicle tracking system?

Why do we need the vehicle tracking system?

Logistics visibility has evolved to a level of granularity where you can monitor every single parcel that you have shipped. You can make prompt, relevant business decisions based on the location and condition of your packages. The question now is do you really need that level of granularity or can you manage with superficial data?

It Depends.

If you are a fleet owner, a vehicle tracking or telematics system may work just fine for you. Even then, it is advisable to go for the newer type of fleet tracking devices that work by plugging into the OBD port of your vehicle and have a battery backup of at least a week. They are more reliable than traditional GPS vehicle trackers that are wired to a vehicle’s battery, and they can collect a lot of information about your fleet such as acceleration, engine health, etc.

But what if you are not a fleet owner — you’re handling shipping yourself, or perhaps you are a 3PL using market vehicles — you ought to think about using an IoT package-tracking solution.

Why i am suggesting this is because, using package-tracking solution you can get visibility at a parcel level which means you know where your each packet is and with the help of which you can prevent your products from theft and getting tampered

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